Visual Design Portfolio


The following pages encompass personal and professional examples of visual design:

Communication is a key part of how we get messages across. Verbal, non-verbal, written, animated – there are numerous possibilities. Visual rhetoric and design are about effectively communicating ideas in aesthetically pleasing and understandable ways. When developing the piece(s) of a visual design, one must consider the intended audience, purpose, credibility, emotions evoked, the arrangement of elements/information, and the timeliness of the message.

For me, communicating results (reviews, assessments) is about efficiency and simplicity. Time is a valuable resource, so what I produce must be concise and have a message the viewer needs and/or wants to know, or piques their interest to inquire further. As I think about showing the worth and value of what I am sharing visually, nothing speaks more highly of that worth than a design that is well put together and not overwhelmed with text or distracted with cluttered elements or clashing color schemes, patterns, and textures. While staying true to the branding of what I am representing, I do my best to evoke emotions and principles of design within potential constraints. Formstorming has been an active part of my process, ensuring that I stretch my creativity beyond the first few drafts and build upon new ideas, producing a variety of mock-ups for clients and/or co-workers and administrators. As Consistency is one of my Top 5 Strengths, any designs that are in a series or are connected in some way must have overlapping elements so that viewers can tell that there is a clear relationship between them, making it a holistic message across the board.

Looking to develop my career further, visual design allows me to show significant results from year to year and what that may mean for actions moving forward – start, stop, or keep doing something. This is significant in proving the worth of what we do at institutions for higher education. In my other endeavors, visual rhetoric enables me to share knowledge to gain readership for new or seasoned authors and works. In either of these disciplines, my values of Integrity and Altruism are never comprised. What I produce is honest and true, not misleading or manipulated for gains in the industry. I want my evolving skillset in visual design to spread information that is relevant and noteworthy dependent on the intended audience. Reviewing previous work and examples for inspiration, I take on the challenge of designing something fresh and appealing, knowing that some recognizable elements are an homage to the former, instilling a resemblance to something familiar, trustworthy, and in line with similar values of the viewer. Input and Learner, being two more of my Top 5 Strengths, have given me the motivation and excited energy to share knowledge and resources in ways that make sense and are communicated successfully. I look forward to future opportunities to produce visual designs to meet the needs of an organization or individual, furthering the reach of their message.