The Write Stuff: Self-Publishing Tools

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I thought it was simple: write a book and put it out into the world! Writing is a part of the being a published author equation (a challenging one at that), but there is a whole other world following “The End” of a manuscript. More and more authors are choosing the self-publishing route with success, but we know that if something is easy, then anyone can do it. As we begin NANOWRIMO season, I’ll be posting weekly blog content throughout the month of November on everything Self-Publishing, since we all know a book will come out of these next 30 days :). This way, authors are ready to take on the next steps to see their books off the word processor they used to create it. 

Here are the topics I covered. Please feel free to join in on the conversation!

I am sure it may feel somewhat scary sharing your work more broadly, and my hope is that these tools and resources give some solace to authors ready to take the next step in their writing. Doing initial research on my own, I feel that there is a huge support network out there for indie authors and it does take a leap of faith and trusting the process to make the dream a reality. Best wishes!

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