So where do I begin? Jersey-born, original art history major, Higher Education professional, recent MidWesterner, London and tea obsessed woman. I’m an INFJ for the Myers-Briggs and a Type 6-Loyalist on the Enneagram – those who know me, this is not surprising! Outside of reading, I love to run and stay active, watch movies (especially book adaptations), cooking/baking new Pinterest recipes, writing (blogs and a novel through Nanowrimo), and of course reading. Working as a coordinator for university programs has limited my ability to read more, but looking towards the future, I’m excited to potentially go back to school for a degree in English with the hopes of getting into publishing.

And now the passion for books:

Looking around every room in my house, an ethnographer would think that I value knowledge and the written word. Guilty! As a child, I loved the movie Matilda, especially when she brought her little red wagon flyer to and from the library, books piled in as she stopped outside the playground and read. As I transitioned through high school and college, I was in constant search of a reading tree, or as Rory Gilmore would say a study tree. I learned to carry a book with me everywhere I go thanks to The Gilmore Girls.

You could say most of my dreams of curling up with a good book have stemmed from fictional characters, and I am not ashamed!

I’m a romantic when it comes to books. The smell, the feel, the look, let alone the content and magic of the story and characters. Everything you need! After graduating from graduate school and entering the ‘real world’ making (and finally having time) to read has become a constant and necessity.

About the Blog:

Why: Spread bookish knowledge to inspire the love of reading

How: Provide personal and relate-able information and narratives that is meaningful beyond synopses.

What: Produce bookish content on various social media platforms

Vision Statement: Be a legitimate resource for book-related inquiries through readers and authors

Core Values:

  • Knowledge
  • Curiosity
  • Inclusion
  • Open-mindedness
  • Honesty

This blog is a way for me to share with other book lovers my thoughts (both personal and general) as well as book-related passions – film adaptations, bookstores/libraries, quotes, crafts, randomness (I’m known for), etc.

I am in no way an expert when it comes to books. I tend to read classics, fiction, and occasionally light romantic comedies. The reviews I write come from a place of how I can relate to the themes and characters the author has left for us to interpret how we see fit. Feel free to leave comments about your thoughts about the books and/or my review. In my mind, there is no “right” answer, especially with my bachelor’s degree in art history – each piece of work has a story and we as observers and audience members look it at and respond with different lenses.



The Incessant Bookworm (Courtney 🙂 )

Question? Comments?

If you would like to send me a message/submission for review, please email the following to wallace.courtney.08@gmail.com:

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