Discussing “Ulysses”

Image Credit: The Mercantile Library

I am taking the plunge. There’s no going back. Ever since I stepped foot into one of the downtown libraries in Cincinnati, I knew I wanted to get more involved. Being surrounded by thousands of beautifully bound volumes and an air of history and serenity was enough to have me sign up for a discussion series for one of the most challenging novels to read: Ulysses by James Joyce.

Now, this has been on my TBR for some time, especially because it is also on the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge list. However, I am going to need as much help as I can get. Enter the discussion group with resources and multiple meetings to make sense of this work by James Joyce. I am already impressed with the preparation and communication for these discussions such as articles, supplemental guides, insights about the time period and the author, as well as videos such as this one:



I am awaiting the supplemental guide from the library before I start, but I am thinking I will take a couple read throughs for each section before the discussions anyway so might as well take a crack at it now…. Wish me luck!

What are your words of wisdom as I begin to tackle this literary work?

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