Top 5 Friendships in Literature

Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

It is International Day of Friendship! I don’t know about you, but I feel that books focus on coming of age stories, discovering oneself, and/or romantic relationships. Platonic yet loving friendships have not been in the spotlight and today is a day to celebrate that: in stories and in real life. Let us take a look at some of epic friendships that can teach us about loving someone in a different kind of way.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione, Harry Potter

Photo Credit: BBCAmerica

A unique trio, these three Gryffindors went through several phases together over seven years in school and then some. Their friendship showcases and supports each other’s strengths. I remember seeing this grouping and thinking that I love multi-gender, platonic friendships.

Madeline, Celeste, and Jane, Big Little Lies

Photo Credit: HBO

As I think about adulting and when I become a mom, these three women built a strong friendship that goes beyond having their kids in the same school. Sure, that was what started it (actually a car incident!) but they are all so different yet perfect in the trio. As we may know, they grow even stronger through another incident…

The Rocket Boys (Homer, Quentin, Roy Lee, O’Dell), October Sky

Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Another coming of age (and true) story, the Rocket Boys challenged the traditional paths for boys from West Virginia to do something incredible and bring the town together. They saw more to their lives and education and were not afraid to go for it. They became brothers in a way as they overcame challenging odds and doubt.

Anne Shirley and Diana Barry, Anne of Green Gables

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Bosom friends, Anne and Diana were instantaneously friends on Prince Edward Island. They saw each other through school, marriages, loss, and war as they maintained a lifelong friendship. With Anne’s adventurous spirit and Diana’s realistic mindset, they surely complemented each other.

Elizabeth Bennet and Charlotte Lucas, Pride and Prejudice

Photo Credit: Mary Rizza

Small country town living yields few friendships outside large families like the Bennets. Elizabeth and Charlotte are able to be honest with each other (sometimes too much) and retain sisterly-affection. We only see a few years in their friendship but I would love to have seen what it was like as they were growing up.

Who are your favorite friends in literature?

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