What’s My Ideal Bookish Job?

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I think we’ve all been there: how can we get a job reading books?! I wonder sometimes if I majored in English Lit or something along those lines, what would my life look like? In college, I wasn’t a fast reader and was nervous to take a class during a regular semester along with four or more other classes. Instead I took a summer sprint course about poetry and short stories and called it a day. However, I am always afraid that if I study something too much, I will lose interest because then it may turn into a chore instead of something I enjoy when I have free time. What a tough balance! Regardless, I still dream about what I could do in the book world for a job. Who knows? Maybe it can become a reality…


Basically turning my book reviews in to literary magazines, newsletters, and/or websites. I’ve googled a few times ‘how to start a literary magazine’ as well as ‘professional book reviewers’. I feel that I would need to finesse my writing in addition to diving deeper into literary themes. It is nice to make it relatable to the audience but also provide literary criticism when it comes to the quality of the writing, characters, and plot. It would be nice to look back at classics or previously published works to bring them into the hands of new readers along with the new and noteworthy releases.

Cover Art Designer

Don’t judge a book by its cover? I don’t know about that haha. The artists behind the book-jacket designs are creative and can relay the essence of the book in one image or design. That is truly powerful (not too mention a lot of pressure!). I’ve been fortunate to design for fun a redo of Big Little Lies and fell in love with the process. Retraining myself in the Adobe products and extracting the themes of the book to create something new and aesthetically pleasing is beyond wonderful. I’m not sure if the artists read the whole work before they start designing but that would be awesome!

Mobile Bookstore Owner

I got this idea from Melanie and the Cincy Book Bus! I don’t think I’d be happy in a brick and mortar store. I want to get out that there to where the readers are, like coffee shops, parks, beaches, etc. It’s like a food truck but for books! There is also the possibility of a book boat like The Little Paris Bookshop! Being able to move around and get to different groups of people is important, especially as it comes to accessibility and literacy.


The past few months, I’ve been highlighting bookish podcasts that I enjoy and admire when it comes to the quality of what they are sharing with listeners: Slighly Foxed, MuggleCast, and The Outlander Podcast. They are each different, but their storytelling and engagement are incredible. I don’t know if I’d be successful as a solo podcaster, however, I’d like to give it a try! Maybe for a bookstore or a publisher? Potentially bringing on guests like the authors or people behind the organization?

Article Contributor/Writer

As I’ve been writing for MuggleNet this summer in an internship, I’ve found that I LOVE TO WRITE! Yes, I’ve been writing this blog for years but to write for an organization that gives some direction and I can still be creative and autonomous is fantastic. I have also been doing more interview posts for my blog and have loved the process of meeting with each person/business I want to highlight and to tell their story. Not necessarily becoming a journalist but more features and one-offs.

Librarian (Popular Fiction/MakerSpace)

A classic position in the book industry, librarians are essential. There are even graduate school programs for this type of work because there is more that goes into libraries than checking out books for patrons and re-shelving materials. The knowledge-base is incredible, plus the opportunities to recommend reads based on past books and/or current interests. Even being in the MakerSpace yields positively to visitors as they are assisted in their creative and professional pursuits.

Event Planner

Being the unofficial social chair of my friend group, I love planning outings and events. Attending BookExpo a few years ago in Chicago, I thought to myself, how can I be on this planning team? Bringing together book-minded people for an event is a magical experience. Providing areas to converse and share knowledge would be great! I would also love to plan book launch parties and book tours.

Social Media Marketer/Communicator

Talking about books on social media gives me life. I love to repost content and engage in conversations around anything book-related. Again, I believe it is the story telling and community connection that inspires me. Working for a book-related organization that wants to share about what they are doing in the industry would be perfect.

E-Book Creator

The class I took last year was geared towards creating e-books, and I fell in love. I am more of a print copy reader BUT I gained such an appreciation for this format that I wanted to contribute to the making of them. Learning the coding behind producing an e-book and the fonts, styles, etc. was energizing. It is a lot of behind the scenes work and many opportunities in one project to contribute.

Bed and Breakfast Owner

I have had this dream for awhile now. When I travel for pleasure, I do my best to stay in bed and breakfasts if that is an option. The ones in Michigan I stayed at were great at building a community and feeling homey. I enjoyed talking with the owners and appreciated them providing personalized resources and itineraries based on my interests. I want to be able to do that for others, with a literary twist of course! A book-themed BNB that offers an afternoon tea service and a literary walk of some sort.

What are your ideal book jobs?

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