Bookish Podcast Review: The Outlander Podcast

Photo Credit: The Outlander Podcast

As I have continued to do research on creating and producing a podcast, I’ve come across some gems that I would love to share if you haven’t checked them out yourselves! This week, I’m sharing The Outlander Podcast!

I cannot say this enough, these ladies crack. me. up. Ginger and Summer have the perfect amount of sisterly-like adoration combined with witty banter! Starting back in 2014 when Outlander the series was slated to come to be, these two ladies decided to create a podcast to discuss all the things they love about Outlander. Whilst awaiting the details of the upcoming production, they invited experts in Outlander and Scottish things as well as a read-a-long for the first novel in the series, chapter by chapter each week leading up to the season one premier. I was immediately on board when they invited different guests since there is so much we can learn about Scottish culture: the craft of woolen kilts, modern-day recipes, audio book readings, castles, and so much more! Their style is fresh, fun, and full of laughter, while providing intriguing insights into the text and the bigger picture elements of Outlander and the Scottish community.

If you are like me and aren’t caught up on the series (books or television), I suggest taking a listen to their earlier episodes! One of my favorites is all about Historian and real-life Battlemaster, Dave Weinczok!

What are some of your favorite bookish podcasts?

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