Famous Books that Began as Dreams

Photo Credit: Sleep Advisor

Did you know that Stephen King dreamed the entire plot of Misery on a plane? What other famous books were inspired by dreams? I can only imagine! That gives me a hope as an aspiring writer that inspiration can come from anywhere — we all have dreams! Maybe I should keep a log when I wake up in the morning! I sure do have some interesting dreams that are challenging to explain! I wonder what the underlying themes are for dreams. What exactly are they trying to tell us, what’s the bigger picture? Let’s see what our friend over at Sleep Advisor have to say:

With a book you’re obsessed with in your hands, you’ve probably wondered: how did they end up with all these brilliant ideas? From beloved characters to witty dialogue, great authors seem to do it all. To achieve greatness, many authors spend days or weeks outlining, drafting, and editing. Some use their own experiences to inform their writing. Some authors however, get very lucky and dream the entire thing. You heard right. There have been many authors throughout the years that credit their dreams for coming up with major plot points, characters, or even the very premises of their books.

It may surprise you that many of these books inspired by dreams are actually well-known. From Stephen King’s Misery, to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, dreams have made a huge impact on many author’s stories. While it may not always be intentional, dreams have a way of connecting and synthesizing new ideas for us all.

If you yourself are an aspiring writer or creative, there may be a way for you to tap into your dreams as well. Thinking of your book or project as you fall asleep is one of the best ways to dream about it. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to stumble upon inspiration as you sleep, it’s important to remember that creativity is deeply personal, and finding what works for you can take time. For the full list of books inspired by dreams, plus some tips on creativity, check out this visual below by Sleep Advisor:

I feel like I need to put one of my many unused notebooks and journals by my bed and keep track! I wonder what a professional would say as they analyze my dreams? I believe this is a good place to start with creative writing. It is interesting to see if we can find the true meaning behind this strange phenomenon of dreaming.

Sweet dreams 🙂

What are other inspirations you have heard of for famous books?

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