Bookish Podcast Review: Mugglecast

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As I have continued to do research on creating and producing a podcast, I’ve come across some gems that I would love to share if you haven’t checked them out yourselves! Today, it’s all about MuggleCast – A weekly Harry Potter podcast discussing the books, Fantastic Beasts, and more! Let’s take a look at what I believe makes them a force in the bookish podcast world!

I may be bias as an intern with MuggleNet BUT setting that aside, MuggleCast does a phenomenal job analyzing the series and all things associated with the wizarding world. As I have contemplated re-reading the series for the fourth time, I find that I have more themes and bigger picture questions to ponder because of the commentary and literary analysis of the hosts. They dive into the what ifs and aren’t afraid to go down paths that may be controversial. I feel that these discussions allow for any reader to look beyond the fact that the Harry Potter series is a work of Young Adult Fantasy/Fiction into real world issues and studies.

Beyond the chapter by chapter episodes and character analyses, MuggleCast shares news and highlights from all things in the wizarding world including Fantastic BeastsCursed Child, Pottermore, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. I also enjoy when they dig in to what J.K. Rowling has been up to (like Casual Vacancy) as well as other actors and behind the scenes players. It is a whole breadth of topics they cover where they do not hold back on their knowledge and opinions – quite refreshing if I do say so!

At this point, I am listening weekly, but as a newb to the podcast, I am catching up on their backlist episodes trying my best not to skip directly to the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban episodes since that is my favorite installment in the series :). The hosts’ loyalty has been holding strong as it has been around since 2005 and I am grateful that they are active and able to provide fresh information and insights to a series that has been around for over twenty years. This is a bit of a relief since I worry about how long the fandom will stay alive and strong as we transition into the Fantastic Beasts realm – the fate of which determines some of that as we await a few more films in the franchise.

Want to hear from the hosts and the podcast yourself? Give one of their recent Podcast Episode a listen – #421: Sidecar Blues (Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Ride Review):

What are some of your favorite bookish podcasts?

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