Bookish Podcast Review: Slightly Foxed

Photo Credit: Foxed Quarterly

As I have continued to do research on creating and producing a podcast, I’ve come across some gems that I would love to share if you haven’t checked them out yourselves! Today, it’s all about Slightly Foxed – a quarterly literary magazine that provides members with book recommendations and editions off the beaten path. Let’s take a peak at how they showcase lost and/or lesser known books.

Released once a month on the 15th, the Slightly Foxed Podcast is hosted at the kitchen table of the Hoxton Square office in East London. The informality of the recording environment make the listening experience more relatable and approachable, especially since most of us listening may not be literary experts or know much about what goes in to a good book that may not have been marketed by the big publishing houses.

I jumped in to the podcast on their 7th episode entitled A Window on the World, all about booksellers and bookshops. The style and format of their episode drew me in immediately: the whimsical intro music, the news from the office, the natural sounds of the hubbub of an office with dogs, the knowledge of the guests, and recommendations for further reading. From there, I was hooked and binged the previous 6 episodes and trailer in a week along my commute to and from work. The topics covered range from biographies to publishing and everything in between. I am saddened when the episode concludes after 30 minutes, however, the show notes provide opportunities for follow up reading and research into the chosen topic. Of course, my TBR pile keeps growing with their recommendations.

The podcast is only a small piece of what the quarterly offers. The beautiful hardback editions they produce are popular ways to display literature in a home library or study. I appreciate how intentional they are with the designs and drawings for each of their editions, highlighting the feel of the work they are producing. I’ve added a few to my gift wish list as well as a few of their stunning notebooks :).

Give their recent Podcast Episode a listen, all about Travel Writing:

What are some of your favorite bookish podcasts?

4 thoughts on “Bookish Podcast Review: Slightly Foxed

  1. Hi Courtney,

    I think it’s so cool that you introduce people to bookish podcasts in this way. Podcasts aren’t something I regularly listen too but I probably should. You make it sound great. I’ll definitely be checking out this recommendation!

    Best wishes, Nikki

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