Reading Playlist: Ella Fitzgerald

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Sleigh Ride. Yes, a Christmas/Holiday song. Every time I hear this version by Ella Fitzgerald I remember what a powerhouse she was. Funny, I had not listened to any of her music outside of the winter season, of which I never tire of in those cold, cozy months. I kept telling myself that I needed to listen to her music OUTSIDE of the holiday spirit but kept forgetting. Lo and behold, I have jumped on the Ella train and don’t think I’ll be off for awhile.

Ella Fitzgerald’s music is iconic and out of this world. I don’t know much about musicality and such, but her voice is jazzy and entrancing along with smooth and unique instrument and note combinations. It is energetic but not distracting as I am reading or blogging. Sometimes I even daydream about old school dancing with a beau or on a date :). Classy and classic!

Take a listen to some of my favorites:

They Can’t Take that Away from Me

It’s Only a Paper Moon

The Way You Look Tonight

Dream a Little Dream of Me

And of course, if you’re in the Holiday spirit….

Sleigh Ride

What are your go-to reading playlists?

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