The Standing Desk

standing desk in home office
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I have been back and forth on the whole ‘standing desk’ craze. I was at a loss as to why we felt like we needed them, maybe because it was out of the ordinary and out of my comfort zone. Maybe because I am someone who pushes back on fads and tries to be original (ie. hipster haha). My office, when I first started my new job in October, asked the whole staff if anyone wanted one, provided by supply funds. Without a beat, I declined haha. You can probably guess where this is heading….

As half of my colleagues set up their desks, there was no pang of FOMO or regret. I saw a few keep up with standing the majority of time while others remained seated. I was not convinced. Now, with this new job, there is a quite bit more of sitting than my other jobs, and it was starting to pay a toll on my back, neck, eyes, and legs. I felt more tired, sore, and tight than usual – even with an active lifestyle outside of work. It was by chance that our office was doing a second round of orders for standing desks, and I swallowed my pride and raised my hand! WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE. I was nervous the first time I set it up to actually stand because it really is weird, so I waited until the following week haha. Once I submitted to it, I was hooked. I felt stronger and way more productive. Plus, in my work environment, we have cubicles and having conversations with my colleagues was challenging beforehand. Now, I am able to be more engaged with my team!

A book that had been sitting on my desk since February suddenly seemed more appealing to me… And that got me thinking, am I more apt and/or more productive reading while standing? Now, this is not a new concept at all haha. I just had not given much thought to it before. Now, when I see a coffee bar or countertop lining a window, I am seeing more people moving the stools out of the way in favor of standing and reading! I have yet to try it outside of work BUT my kitchen DOES have a counter/bar that looks into my living room. Maybe that’s my next challenge, stand and read at home so that I’m ready for the ‘real world’. It’s funny since I see all kinds of memes on social media like this one, showing the various reading positions we find ourselves in:

What’s not on there….you guessed it haha.

What’s your take on standing desks/reading while standing?

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