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Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

I’m hooked. Podcasts are huge right now and continuously growing and expanding. Listening to podcasts like Serial, The Outlander Podcast, and Gilmore Guys, I find myself thinking, that sounds like so much fun! Yes, I realize a lot of work goes into the creation and upkeep of a podcast, but I am engrossed in the stories told and the host/guest dynamics. So, I am going to explore what it takes to start a podcast!

Granted, I am someone who winces when I see/hear myself in videos or on the phone so this will be QUITE A CHALLENGE. However, because books are something I am passionate about, I feel that will give me confidence to overcome any anxiety I have to put that medium out into the world. To give an idea on where I am at with this project, just take a look at my initial google search….

google search, how to start a podcast

Hahaha. So, in essence, I need your help! There are so many bookish topics that can be covered as well as bookish podcasts already out there. I do not want to compete or oversaturate that market, but be something unique and add some kind of value to the book world. I’ve gotten a bit of feedback with my call for help on social media but still trying to narrow down what I want to share! I feel that picking the name, creating the flow and structure, designing the artwork, and choosing the music will come a little easier than the topic. I already have space and equipment so that worked out! BUT, the topic is the most important part! Ahhhh!! Where do I begin?

What bookish topics would you like to hear in a podcast? What book podcasts do you like? 

8 thoughts on “Bookish Podcast

  1. Oh! That’s a good question! … hmmm … I’m not sure about specific topics, but many of the podcasts (incl. book podcasts) that I listen to are REALLY long. I would LOVE to have a shorter-length podcast – something in the 10-15 minute range, which is about my walk from home to work each day ha ha.

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