Creative Writing (5): Good for you

Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

Here we go again! I think I’m getting the hang of this whole sharing my work thing 🙂 As stated before, over the course of this next month, I will be sharing a piece from our final portfolio in the class on the blog. There won’t be much context given as not much usually is when work is shared publicly. As they say, no two people read the same thing – in this case short story or poem. All will be found in my Writing Portfolio page.

Without further ado, here is my next piece I would like to share, a poem:

“Good For You”

Good for you, echoes in my mind,
reminding me of how brave I must be,
venturing into the vast unknown, alone.

A compliment, an admiration for my fearless wanderlust.
Smiling at my initiative to go just because I can.
Wishes that they could have the time,
that freedom, drive, and confidence.

My escape from emotions I refuse to face,
burrowing itself in every thought,
is their dream of seeing the world,
breathing in its scents, immersion into culture.
My wanting to be off the grid,
away from the monotony of a career,
is their vacation, a break to refresh,
unwind from tense daily interaction.

I slide into the scrunched seat above the wing,
buckle, settle, await my neighbors and hello’s,
book and music at the ready.
A baby wails from behind, heads shifting,
darting glares at a youthful mother.
Recycled air pumps through the vents,
a hint of coffee clinging as dim light emerges from the horizon.

Lift off, peering out to the city I’m leaving behind,
whispering to myself, goodbye for now,
heading to a place where I could start over.
Leaving the doubts, the what-ifs,
I continue to stare through the thick pane.

Good for you, echoes in my mind,
reminding me of how brave I must be,
venturing into the vast unknown, alone.

What have you been working on in the creative writing department? What tips/advice do you have?

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