Behind the Blog #3

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Hello again for Part 3 in the Behind the Blog series! In Part One and Part Two we covered organization and idea generation. I discussed how much time I invest and how I stay organized with the blog. Today I am covering the basic yet one of the most essential aspects of book blogging: choosing which books to read!

I think this can be broken down into how I buy/borrow books AND how I choose from what I already have in my TBR Pile. For the former, as stated in my goal this year, I am trying to stay away from! However, when it does come to that point, a few things influence my book buying/borrowing behavior. Social media – mainly Instagram – is my usual source of inspiration. I follow numerous bookstagrammers as well as the big publishing houses to see what is new and next. I plead guilty in terms of aethestics and layouts of a post that incline me to obtain a book. Something about seeing a pretty picture – I’m sure I’m not alone in that regard haha. I usually read through the remainder of the posts to see what the person thought about it, what they rated, what it read like. Also, if I see that a new movie or tv series is coming out and I have not read it yet, that is an instant draw because I want to know what I’m getting into BEFORE I see it!

As I wander through the local libraries, the same kind of deal with how books are displayed on the shelves. One of the libraries usually has a cool theme in their front displays that grab my attention. I also take a look at the new releases and what some libraries use as Lucky Day borrows, ones that you can take out for a week because of the high demand! Bookstores, I sometimes I am ashamed to say, if I’m not directly looking for a specific book, I peruse and scan the covers/ISBN’s of books that look interesting to add to my Goodreads account. Nine times out of ten, I’m not buying in store: exceptions will be niche bookstores when I travel, such as The Strand, Powell’s, and Waterstones to name a few.

When these books are in my possession, they quickly go to the top of my To Be Read Pile (I know, shocking…) because they’re new and fresh, yada yada yada. Plus, I need to return them ASAP so I don’t accrue a late fee! This leads me to what has already been in that pile. For those, I consider a few things when looking at my bookshelves in my home: length, mood I’m in/genre, author, summary, rating on Goodreads, etc. I like to be somewhat intentional when choosing what to read next, if you couldn’t tell. Most of the books left in my TBR are pretty lengthy so I know that is not an option anymore. Some are in a series, so I have to decide if I want to power through the series one after another or take a break after 1 or 2 and come back to them later. That makes it more appealing to read the one-off books first or every other book since I love to donate or gift books I’ve read to others, that way relieving my bookshelves for A. room for new books later or B. general minimalism I do my best to practice – basically both win-wins.

However, what happens when I just cannot decide? I’m thinking that I’m going to rely on you all and those who follow on my social feeds to help! This I believe will be a fun way to engage more with the community and see what you all think will be a good next pick for me. Be on the lookout for chances to suggest and/or vote for upcoming reads. I am excited to see what fate has in store for me as the choice will be in all of YOUR hands! Potentially, I’ll do a live reveal as I won’t look at the results until it is time.

How do you decide what you are going to read next?

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