Behind the Blog #2

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I’m back with another piece for Behind the Blog! In Part One, I discussed how much time I invest and how I stay organized with the blog. I feel this has been a great exercise for me to think through the why and how I can continue to develop the blog while also being transparent about my process. Every blogger/writer has their own style, motivation, and procedure as they imagine and create content. This is how I choose to go about posting, and it may potentially change in the future – who knows, I’m open to it if that is the case. So let’s take a deeper dive into how I get my ideas and my hopes for the content I post about.

There are three kinds of umbrella posts I think about as I put my blogging content calendar together: repeat, series, and one-off’s/random. The repeat posts are what save me and keep me in check as it is a consistent type of post that I update week to week or month to month. For example, my WWW posts are every Wednesday and is kind of my public checklist for where I am at with my reading goals. Sometimes I think about skipping those weeks especially if I haven’t finished anything – ugh but that is the risk with being transparent and having a book blog! My monthly wrap ups are always fun to see what the last 30-ish days looked like in a bigger picture, but the Goodreads quarterly updates are a huge overtaking, particularly if I have been hitting my reading goals every 3 months. These posts are the easiest for me to write because the foundation is already there, just a few updates that are quick to make. The struggle will be in the coming years when the templates need an overhaul!

The series posts are probably my favorites to write. These are the ones I have the most fun coming up as they are sparked from everyday occurrences and I combine them into some type of bookish theme! Like the Playlist Pairings, Books and Wine, The Write Stuff, and Bookish Strengths. A series makes it more manageable and cleaner since I don’t feel rushed to cram all the ideas I’m thinking into one post – that is too overwhelming even for me to read! I look at my life and the people, things, events in it and think to myself – this can connect to books and reading somehow! From there, I outline the idea, schedule them out, and write!

Finally, are the one-off/random posts. Some of these include my Book Reviews since those are posted infrequently (they should become more repeat posts!). If I’m not feeling the topic for an upcoming post and I keep putting it off I ask myself, is it because I’m not interested anymore and I wouldn’t have much to say about it OR am I nervous to dive into that topic because it could be revealing? I come up with several ideas and then when it comes to actually writing it, the excitement isn’t there anymore – it happens! I sometimes do Book Tags, but most random ones are around the holidays like Icelandic Christmas and Daylight Savings.

When I post, it is two-fold. I want to be proud of what I have written and learn more about myself than when I started. I also want to provide content that will drive engagement – knowing what others are thinking about the topic and their perspectives (similar AND different) than mine. Conversation drives growth and relationship building. The book community is one I want to continue to be a part of and contribute to as much as I am able – with purposeful and relate-able content.

How do you get ideas for blog posts? What are your favorite posts to write?

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