Creative Writing (2): On the Run

Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

I am back with more from my creative writing practice! The first round sharing wasn’t bad, so I am going to keep giving it a go. At this point, my class has wrapped up, grades have been submitted, and critiques have been made. I have definitely learned a lot and am optimistic I will keep going (at what pace is still undecided!). 

Over the course of this next month, I will be sharing a piece from our final portfolio in the class on the blog. There won’t be much context given as not much usually is when work is shared publicly. As they say, no two people read the same thing – in this case short story or poem. All will be found in my Writing Portfolio page.

Without further ado, here is my next piece I would like to share, a poem:

“On the Run”

Run as if my life depends on it.
Run on familiar pavement, my footsteps propelling off, advancing to an unknown destination, my breath even, calm.
Run to keep that physique, to achieve the ideal – what I’m told to be, to feel, to look.
Run to break away, to calm my frenetic mind from internal pain I inflict from nothing, believing the lies distracting my relationships.
Run to pass the time, knowing the further I go, the longer I escape the reality of dinner for one upon return.
Run to explore wherever I travel, getting lost to fend for myself, proving my independence.
Run from the darkness, fearful of who is hidden in the shadows, preying on innocence and femininity.
Run to remind me of my fortune – to hear the crunch of leaves beneath me, to see the expansive canopy, breaking with slivers of sunlight highlighting life below.
Run to feel brisk and crisp air, gently nudging me to keep moving forward, to inhale the scent of a nearby fireplace, warming a cozy couple.
Run to think through what’s next, determining a purpose on this earth we are slowly defacing.
Run as if my life depends on it, because it does.

What have you been working on in the creative writing department? What tips/advice do you have?

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