Behind the Blog #1

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Ever since I have been getting caught in the act of bookstagramming (aka setting up the scene in the frame and someone snaps a pic of this occurring as I am taking the shot for my instagram), I have wanted to dive more into the behind the scenes of this passion area of mine. What goes in to the blog? How much time do I spend on it? What are my hopes for the blog? How do I get my ideas? I’ll spend the next few weeks covering different aspects and going behind the blog.

My 4-year blog-aversary is coming up in March! I cannot believe I have been book blogging since 2015! It all started when my former supervisor gifted me a monogrammed journal at our holiday party secret snowflake. I wanted to do something special since I tend to not finish my own journals I buy for myself and did not want this one to see the same fate. Also, I was at the point where I had more time to read since I wasn’t in school full-time anymore, and I needed a way to remember what I read. My book journal was born. I wrote my favorite quotes as well as how I felt about it when I finished the book. After a few months, I thought that I wanted an electronic way to share this information, for other book lovers like me. I took an online WordPress class through my local library and built the first version of the Incessant Bookworm early in 2015. From there, it has been much trial and error – and still learning what works and what doesn’t!

As I began gathering resources and tips, I created a Pinterest board (The Blog Life) to have them all in one place. The best advice I saw consistently (if I wanted to someday make blogging and writing a living) was to preserve that time like work hours. Clearly, I am not at a place where I am going to quit my job – I have bills to pay! However, on the weekends, days off, and downtime, I reserve those hours to spend on the blog – brainstorming content, managing the posting calendar, and general maintenance of the blog. All of this takes as much (and maybe more) time as writing the actual post.

Each week, I look ahead at my blogging calendar (based on planning decisions I made at my 2 retreats each year) and assign 2-3 posts I’ll write on the weekend – usually Saturday morning – in addition to my normal recurring posts, like WWW and Monthly Recaps. If it is a series, I try to write 2 of them at once so I can stay in that mindset and be consistent since it is fresh on my mind. My blogging calendar also shows if it is being connected to any of my social channels and if I need to schedule those out on Hootsuite too. Whenever I get comments on any of my channels and blog, I respond as soon as I am able! I want all that I share to spark conversation and engaging with those that want to also engage is critical to the blog’s mission and vision.

I definitely get energized when I am blogging and am in the zone. I look forward to my lunch breaks so I can whip out my blogging planner and get down to business. The blog has come a long way and I am fortunate that I still have excitement since there is a good combo of consistency and being innovative. Next time, I’ll share where I get ideas for content and my hopes for the blog in the future.

What’s the story behind your blog/website?

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