Outlander Month Read-A-Thon!

You read that right! As I embark on reading through my TBR pile, I have loads of book series I haven’t completed, so I decided to dedicate different months in the year to only reading from that series. Lo and behold, February is all about Outlander!

I’m so behind on the series on Starz that I also decided to watch only season 1 and then continue on when I’ve read more of the series! I remember from reading the first installment – Outlander – that these books are quite comprehensive haha. So knowing that, here is my tentative reading schedule:

February 1st-14th: Dragonfly in Amber

February 15th-28th: Voyager

Reading these 2 would be fantastic AND get me caught up with the current series haha. I am excited to jump back in with Claire and Jamie. I feel like I am in for an incredible journey! Maybe for the rest of the book series, I won’t wait 3 years to read… 🙂

Who else is in for Outlander month read-a-thon?

2 thoughts on “Outlander Month Read-A-Thon!

  1. Wow that’s impressive! I’m meaning to read Dragonfly In Amber this year as well although it will probably take me a few months to get to it since I have too many ARCs now. xD I hope you will enjoy your Outlander month!

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