There’s Something About Memoirs

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

Fiction, fantasy, romance, young adult – these are a few of the genres I have traditionally been attracted to throughout my reading life thus far. Immersing myself in imaginative worlds, scenarios, and relationships has been a great escape from reality. However, my naivety is increased about the world and its outcomes. Diving into memoirs has given me incredible stories I have shared widely because of their truths.

From the list of my favorite memoirs below, you can see a trend for strong, independent females. At first it was accidental that I was choosing these since a lot of my ‘favorites’ are dominated by males. The more I engaged in female-focused memoirs, the more I actively sought them out. Mainly, I love reading about real women who picked themselves up and did something they wanted to do – start a business, travel the world, be independent, get an education, etc. We know that females struggle the most with confidence and taking initiative, but these stories give me that jolt of energy to do anything. Even with the celebrity memoirs I’ve included, they have all started somewhere and deal with every day problems like the rest of us! The collection I have created in this list will be ones I come back to for strength and inspiration to keep moving forward with my dreams. 🙂

Every Day Women


What are some of your favorite memoirs?

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