Tech Free Day

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One of my best friends shared with me that his co-worker engages in tech-free days on a regular basis. Naturally I am intrigued since over the holidays, I saw several social media checks across the family (myself included) that took away from enjoying time together and being present. He and I decided that we would also like to take part in something along these lines.

Enter our tech-free Sunday*. Because our work is grounded in technology on a daily basis, we felt that a weekend would be the best option. I remember hearing on the radio that our minds only have about 24-hours of turning off work on the weekends. By the time we stop thinking about work on Friday night/Saturday morning (in an average work week of 8-5 Mon-Fri), we start thinking about going back on Sunday and everything we need to do before we go back to work on Monday. I know I have caught myself checking emails on weeknights and weekends as well as keeping up with social media while I’m laying in bed or bored. Then hours go by and I feel that I accomplished nothing while I get stuff ready for the workweek – not my idea of closing out the weekend, but it needs to happen.

Knowing this about ourselves and our digital age, we came up with the following Tech-Free Sunday rules:

  1. No social media
    • Being a book blogger, bookstagrammer, etc. this one hurt a bit to sign off on. However, I’ll only schedule my posts out for Monday through Saturday so there’s no temptation to jump online “real quick” – unless there’s immediacy to the content (very rare, if at all).
  2. No emails/internet
    • This has become easier as my current role does not require me to be attached to my email or respond to inquiries that can’t wait until Monday. Although I dislike seeing a not empty inbox on Monday, omitting emails from my weekend is relaxing.
    • In terms of instant gratification, I like knowing the answer or looking things up immediately. On tech-free days, I make a note of whatever it is I ‘need’ to look up and wait until Monday. Let it go!
  3. Phone calls/Facetime are allowed (in small quantities)
    • Relationships are important – and they should be fostered through genuine means like face-to-face or through verbal communication. Things come up naturally, but I try to limit the amount of time using my phone to communicate, including texting, on this day once a week and focusing on more in-person opportunities if possible.
  4. Music/Audiobooks are allowed
    • Engaging my brain in a deeper/intellectually stimulating way is a form of relaxation for me. While I may be doing chores around the house or driving and running errands, I absorb knowledge and wonder through a different sense.

We’ve started this practice a few weeks before 2018 ended and have seen positive results thus far! FOMO has decreased and I have become more at peace with distancing myself from the digital world as much as I am able!

*Comical since this post is indeed being published on a Sunday…. πŸ˜‰ 

What are some tech-free practices you’ve implemented (individually or with family)?

4 thoughts on “Tech Free Day

  1. I’m so on board with this! I work for a media company, and everyone seems to think it’s admirable to work 12 hours days and then check emails or work when they get home / at the weekend. It’s ludicruous. I don’t check my emails or anything outside of work as a rule, and I’m going to start limiting my social media time for sure.

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  2. My college has “Tech Free Tuesdays” every Tuesday from 12 to 1:30, where everyone is supposed to stay off of phones, computers, and other technology. I will admit I am not the best at participating in them because I get out of class at 12 and need to make sure I didn’t miss any messages from family or important emails from teachers, but when I do get to participate it is really nice to just eat lunch and talk to my friends without disruption.

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  3. Oh I love this!! I work at a school and I could definitely see the benefit of this practice. My local coffeeshop does community Saturdays where they turn off their wifi in the whole shop all day πŸ™‚


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