End of Year Blog Retreat Recap – 2018

After a snafu with my original coffee-shop location, I hunkered down in a local Panera and got down to work. I hardly touched my laptop, and it was a wonderful feeling as I put pen to paper as well as highlighter and pencil to post-its! In a niche such as books and blogging it can sometimes be difficult to think outside the box and not just copy what is ‘in’ currently. Additionally in preparation for this retreat, I watched several social media webinars on what will be up and coming on social in 2019 as well as best practices. Lots of new additions to my blog and connected social media!

One of the first things you’ll notice if you’ve been on the site before is the new look. I get bored kind of easily (especially since I spend so much time on here!). After I upgraded to the official incessantbookworm.com site, I thought about changing up the feel of the blog. I consider myself a minimalist, so this change makes the page look cleaner and less cluttered – I was getting distracted by how many images were present. Here is a look at what the former page looked like:

We’ll see how long I hold on to this version, so far so good! Otherwise, I feel I came up with some fun ideas for the blog and sharing content. I have not delved into videos, but expect to see more of those sprinkled in (not making a YouTube site just yet!). Mostly, I want to be able to interact more with friends, visitors, anyone who wants to engage with me! Don’t be surprised if I add in guest posts, social take-overs, and more ways to engage in the content I share – both original and inspired!

Check out my goals for 2019!


  • 20,000 year views
  • 100 daily views
  • 2-3 posts a week
  • 2 book reviews a month
  • Cleaner/Professional/Creative appearance and feel

Social Media

Planning Calendar

  • Keep up with posting AND engaging with other accounts
  • Have a purpose behind each social post and engagement


  • Increase stories
  • Increase cohesive styling and consistency


  • 10% engagement rate


  • Original content
  • Implement chat feature/messenger bots



  • Keep up with 5-year/1 a-day journal


  • New logo!
  • Update business cards – logo and .com
  • Branded Stationary!!! Notepads, notebook, and post-its 🙂

What are your 2019 goals? 

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