Publishing E-Books (Part Two)

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Blockquotes, xml, Sigil, Atom, GitHub, element, p tag, commit, repository, and more! At the beginning of this semester, I would not have guessed that I would be somewhat fluent in coding and production language – granted I still have a ways to go haha

The semester ended last week, and I feel that I have gained a new appreciation for e-books! It’s amazing that through 2 projects, our team was able to convert a print text into something that can be read anywhere with little to no wait time through technology. Who would have thought this:

could turn into this?:

Our group wanted to stay as loyal to the print version as possible, however some elements were not able to be included, such as the headers on each page designating the book title and respective chapter title the reader was on. I was saddened that we weren’t able to include this, but I feel that we still produced a great looking ebook that is readable and accessible. The latter was amazing to test through the VoiceOver through iOS, knowing that anyone can consume the words and content of the book – including the alternate text for images. 

Overall, I am much more satisfied with this ebook than our first – mainly because of our confidence and that we are helping an author produce more versions of his novella to reach a bigger audience. It would be great if we were able to work with the author as well, to potentially hear his vision or ideas for the ebook since it his original work. However, I am thankful for an opportunity to work with a press and have a professional collaborative experience. I have a clear interest in books and publishing, and I appreciated seeing a different side of the book industry. The skills I learned in the course and through these major projects I will be adding to my application and professional materials as they are valuable and unique!

What are your thoughts on producing an e-book?

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