End of Year Blog Retreat Prep – 2018

We’ve come to the end of another year and with that a chance to reflect on what the blog has done since the beginning and the half-way point. I reviewed my pieces from the Mid-Year Retreat and created this prep post based off that! This end-of-year retreat, I’ve laid out a few activities and action items to check in on my blogging as well as strategic plan for 2019! Take a look at what I have planned for this weekend’s retreat:

SWOT Analysis (Every Retreat)

  • In order to know where I am going, I have to see where I have been! The SWOT covers the following (in this case, in reference to everything on my blog: content, posting, social media, engagement, design, etc.)
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Opportunities
    • Threats

Social Media

  • Hootsuite and Planning Calendar
  • Creating Pinterest Boards – is this a good market?
  • Brainstorming Videos and Content
  • TBT Blog Posts
    • Reflecting on my Post Archives, there is some great stuff there that is still applicable!

Blogging Content

  • What are my goals for 2019? That will guide the content I’ll be brainstorming below. Time to think bigger picture about my Brand!
  • Writing from my novel creation
    • Release chapters in posts on a regular basis?
  • Email Newsletter
    • How does this differ from a normal blog post OR a monthly recap?
  • New features! This year, I wanted to have more personal content as well as some regular features (WWW, monthly and Goodreads Recaps, series, etc.) I want to look at which were more engaging and brainstorm new ideas.
  • Additionally, as I lean into more design elements, like redesigning book covers, where does that fit into the content and how should it be displayed?  Portfolio style?

Reading Schedule

  • I fell behind and in a slump this last half of the year, hence the boatload of audio books I powered through to catch up! I also want to tackle the rest of my TBR Pile, so I’ll determine the books schedule based on what I have left on the list. The goal is to stick to it!

New Design

  • I’m getting bored of my layout haha. Plus, with the new upgrade, I have more options. Don’t be surprised if the site undergoes a makeover!

WordPress Upgrade/Next Steps

  • Now that I have upgraded to the first stage past the free version, what opportunities does this lead to?
  • Exploring what a small business could look like for me…. eek!

What else should I think about and act on during my end-of-year retreat?

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