Beat the Backlist 2019

I love thinking about what challenges I’ll take part in for the new year! It always makes my reading more exciting since it can be around a theme of some sort. One of my 30 before 30 goals is to read all the books that I own. Enter the Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge from Novel Knight! This reading challenge is all about knocking off those older books from your to-read list. Any genre, any format, any length.

I am definitely planning to finally finish the Outlander series, Anne of Green Gables series, and the Chronicles of Narnia series, among other books I’ve put off for too long. Classics will be a challenge because of how comprehensive they are, but hey it’s a WHOLE YEAR!

Ground Rules:

The books have to be published in the prior year or earlier, meaning that for the 2019 challenge, any book published in 2018 or earlier counts!

You have to start and finish the book during the challenge year to count it which basically means that any books you start in 2018 or any books you finish in 2020 wouldn’t count. Otherwise, as long as you start and finish the book in 2019, it’s good to go!

This is a year-long challenge and you can join at ANY time!

That’s it! YOU pick your TBR, YOU set your own goal. Read what you want when you want.


If you want to participate in the challenge, sign-ups are open NOW! To join:

  1. POST YOUR TBR somewhere online. This can be a blog post, Goodreads shelf, YouTube video, instagram post, Tweet, etc. Doesn’t matter the format and you’re not locked into those books. It’s just a starting point!
  2. FILL OUT THE SIGN-UP FORM. You’ll need the link from your TBR post and a name or pseudonym. You can also list your platform name if you want
  3. WAIT UNTIL JANUARY to start reading (for the challenge). Don’t stop reading now, please, but remember only books read in 2019 count for this challenge specifically.

Hogwarts House Mini Challenge

Each year the Beat the Backlist challenge offers a competition of sorts for its participants, a bit of extra motivation for those who want it throughout the year. I’m excited to say that the Hogwarts Mini Challenge from BTB Year 1 is coming back!

This mini challenge is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL and you do NOT have to participate in it to be a part of Beat the Backlist. If you choose to do the challenge, you will have the opportunity to earn points for your House by reading books.

Each book read counts for points! If it’s considered a book on Goodreads, it’s considered a book for this challenge. That includes novels, novellas, anthologies, short story collections, etc.

Obviously I’m on Team Ravenclaw 🙂


Are you joining the Beat the Backlist Challenge? What Hogwarts House are you representing?

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