Audio Book Fever

As I have been diving into different mediums of reading and consuming books, I wanted to take the time to acknowledge the value of audio books. I feel they get a bad rap because it isn’t ‘reading’ per se, but I beg to differ. Having worked in education, I am constantly thinking about learning styles and the most effective ways to absorb knowledge. Visual, tactile, auditory – we each have our preference and they all have their place when one may be more conducive. For example, driving in the car – probably auditory is your best bet! Unless someone is reading directly from the physical book in the passenger seats.

We are coming up on the travel season with the winter holidays and audio books have served me well especially if I am driving a long distance on my own. The narrator definitely makes the experience since I know that some books on their own are brilliant, but when it’s read aloud by a professional, sometimes I am just not feeling it. However, when you hear a voice that gets the characters right and is able to differentiate voices so the listener is not confused, you have got a winner!

Take a listen to some of the audio books I fell in love (or more in love) with because of the narration of the reader:

Harry Potter – Read by Jim Dale

And Then There Were None – Read by Dan Stevens

Girl, Wash Your Face – Read by the Author, Rachel Hollis

This Is How It Always Is – Read by Gabra Zackman

What are your thoughts on audiobooks? Which ones should I check out?

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