Bookish Theme Park!

Photo by Ethan Hoover on Unsplash

As you all know, I love attaching bookish things to everyday life, almost to a fault! The theme park idea came from a couple of sources.

  1. The ending of Austenland where the property is actually turned into a carnival/theme park experience ALL about Jane Austen.
  2. Visiting my local theme park recently and wondering, if I had a theme park, what would I want it to be themed around and what type of rides?

So of course, here we go!

Escape The Library

Along the lines of the currently popular escape the room challenges, perhaps there is an obstacle of getting out of a labyrinth of a library or bookstore! Aligning books in a particular order, pulling books from the shelves to reveal secret passages, and a whole host of other critical thinking puzzles.

Outlander Coaster

Travel through time as you start in 1900’s Europe – cities and roads post WWII – then to the standing stones where you’re quickly transported to 18th century Scotland. Journey through the Highlands as you assist Claire and Jamie.

Simon’s Ferris Wheel

How could you not want to meet the love of your life as Simon did on a Ferris Wheel in Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda?!

Dueling Dragons Fire Blast

*SPOILER for Game of Thrones. Knowing that there is now one ice dragon, let’s breathe fire between the two riders to see which will win out as you and your opponent sit side by side, traveling through Westeros.

Austen Go Round

Adorned with period pieces from Austen’s time, the merry go round will induce calmness as your favorite Austen characters and pairs are stationed along horses and carriages!

There are plenty more where that came from! I enjoy this type of creative thinking as well as applying books and bookish content to basically anything haha. It makes them come more alive beyond film adaptations, trivia nights, and conferences 🙂

What would your ideal Bookish Theme Park look like?!

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