The Thrill of Organization

I used to think when people called me Type A, it was kind of insulting. A lot of the times when I hear that phrase to describe someone, it is done with a negative connotation. That is unfortunate since I feel it is one of my strengths and a pride point for me! I also appreciate my Type B friends out there 🙂 I was talking to one of my friends who was running behind to meet for lunch, and I said not to worry since Type A’s always come prepared. Their response back was that Type B’s are prepared for anything! Having Discipline as one of my Top Strengths, I get a thrill whenever organization and planning are involved. I was told that this is a valuable characteristic and skill since a lot of people despise this type of work and I thrive in it. Especially with the school year starting up again, I couldn’t think of a better time to dive into staying organized.

As I have learned through the years, I love customizing materials to fit my needs of structure and order. For someone who reads as much as I do and blogs about it, I need a system for organizing those materials. Additionally, I have a full-time job that involves event planning and meeting with supervisees, so another system is needed. Let’s take a look at what has been in my repertoire of organization when it comes to work and play!

Travel Journal – Wit & Delight from Target


As I was planning out my London travels, and looking at documenting trips, this journal was gifted to me! Besides the front indicating Wander Lust, the inside is lightly bulleted pages to do with it what you will. I was able to create pockets for postcards I send back to myself and use the adjoining page to draw write out the highlights from the day, being a bit more creative than my normal journaling tendencies. My first attempt at true bullet journaling but I have a long way to go 🙂 I’ll use this again for my Seattle/Portland trip in 2019!

Blogging Journal –  Erin Condren Life Planner

I loved this planner so much I made a custom one for my brother for his blog! The layout on this page is how I plan out content for my various channels of sharing: Blog, Facebook, and Instagram. Adorned with colors and inspirational quotes and applicable stickers, this has served me well since last winter as I continuously plan out my bookish content.

General Notes Journal – CR Gibson from TJ Maxx

Sometimes, I just need to jot something down and this journal is perfect for that. It is literally labeled “Thoughts” on the leatherette front cover. I have used it to make lists, write out ideas for a novel, make a pro/con list, you name it. It is a catch-all and easily portable as I am out and about.

Business Notebook – Mead from Office Depot

I have been through several business notebooks at work and this has been the one to stick. Before, the sections were turned 45 degrees in which the yellow box (where I usually put my action items) was a sliver of a column that I felt I had no way of fitting in what I needed in one line! The top of the page, I document the meeting name, date, and page number in case it goes over, also the attendees of the meeting. The general notes or things I want to share goes into the larger 2/3 of the page with my to-do’s in the yellow. It works!

Book Journal – Moleskine

The creme de la creme of documenting books! This was gifted to me a couple Christmas’s ago and it has done wonders for how I read. It is organized alphabetically with additional sections in the back that you can determine what you want those to be, ie. tbr, book club, book loans, etc. The main content has opportunities to rate the book, write in favorite quotes, document overall impressions, and basic information about the book, author, publisher, nationality, etc. This is super helpful for all the Reading Challenges out there, especially the Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge!

How do you stay organized?

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