Author Appreciation: Colleen Hoover

This post has been a long time coming since I have appreciated Colleen Hoover’s style and craft ever since I read Confess back in 2016! I knew that I had stumbled across something special and has parallels to my own life and relationships. I cannot remember what sparked me to pick up that novel from the library – this was before the tv show was slated to be produced. Whatever the reason was, I have not regretted diving into the #CoHo world for one second!

Hoover has a way of being raw and honest about the stories she is sharing, some of which come from a personal place which makes it even more poignant. I have felt so invested in the characters that they become real to me – either with people I know or of myself. Some other authors that I am a repeat customer for include Dan Brown, John Green, and Meg Cabot. However, Hoover is the one that I constantly come back to and have chosen to reread and immerse myself in. After every read, I am speechless and have to sit in silence to fully comprehend the magnitude of the messaging and major themes. It goes beyond the genres of Romance and Contemporary Fiction to a place of re-evaluating life and contemplating what is important and what is not. As I have been looking to write a piece of my own, Hoover is the author that provides the most influence on where I want to go and what I want the reader to feel during and after the book.

I doubt I will be disappointed in anything Hoover produces! Here is what I have read so far and ranked (none of which being the least favorite that I would not recommend!):

  1. November 9
  2. Ugly Love
  3. It Ends with Us
  4. Confess
  5. All Your Perfects
  6. Without Merit

What are your thoughts on Colleen Hoover’s books? Any that I should read?

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