Bookish Dreams #3 – Literary Sabbatical

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

I’m wrapping up the Bookish Dreams series with one that I feel could maybe be the most realistic hahaha! In my pinned post, I say “What I’d give to have an extra hour in the day or a little longer lunch break at work to keep reading an enticing book. But, I think that makes reading so much more enjoyable, it is a special part of your day that you can look forward to and be in the moment, letting your imagination take over.” Yes, I still believe this and I also believe there is a power in dedicating oneself to a break from reality and sinking into a stack of books (most likely the TBR pile that’s overflowing!)

Whenever I hear the word ‘sabbatical’ I imagine professors from a university or pastors/chaplains from a religious organization taking months off from their day-to-day duties to research or reinvigorate their practices. How can I get in on that? Not to say that it is a vacation where they are lounging around doing nothing – although some days may be more relaxing than others :). One of my colleagues was able to take off a few months from work to be an advisor for a semester at sea program. Another colleague went down south to do research for their doctorate. For me, I’d love to go to England (obviously) and immerse myself for a few months in literary excellence and history. One can also think of it as a study abroad but for non-college students. I’d be down for that! Besides sitting around reading books and engaging in literary history, I feel that I would need a bigger purpose, something tangible that I could bring back to my current occupation and network of friends/peers. Potentially looking at historical (in)accuracies of historical fiction, or repetitive themes and symbols through the decades/centuries, or connecting seemingly disparate genres/works to each other? Who knows… maybe finishing my TBR pile would suffice as something tangible enough since my bookshelves would be empty! Hahaha!

Where would you hold a literary sabbatical?

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