Bookish Dreams #2 – Bookstore

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Continuing on with the Bookish Dreams series, it’s time to dive into the stereotypical dream: The Bookstore Life! After a rough first game umpiring this season, I had a conversation with my mom about careers. She jokingly mentioned how if I worked at (and owned) a bookstore, I’d find more enjoyment because I could read all the time. A lovely thought of course as well as me immediately thinking of those memes that have assumptions about what librarians and bookstore owners do all day…

Hahaha!! Who knows! However, this is not the first time I have thought about working in or owning a bookstore. Every time I pass a building for sale/rent, I ask myself if that would be a good location based on the town/city and if I’d be in competition with others. I then think about how many new businesses flop in the first 2-3 years!! On my drive home this past week, I saw an RV for sale and wondered, what if I did a traveling bookstore? It would cost less than renting a building and I could go anywhere in the U.S. I wanted – maybe like a food truck but for books! At any farmers markets or craft fairs, I could park it by the other tables and tents set up. I’ve given more thought to my Minimalist lifestyle and this could be the solution: traveling, reading, sharing knowledge – living the dream!

What bookstore dreams have you had? Or are currently living?!

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