Bookish Dreams #1 – Literary Cruise

All Day I Dream About Books….. So not ADIDAS but ADIDAB?? I’m kicking off a series about common bookish dreams that I ponder and believe others do as well. Who knows if these dreams will be a reality, but hey, it’s fun to think of big ideas and see what direction they go.

Recently, I have been informed by multiple friends that a Harry Potter cruise has been created. Obviously, I was on board with that idea as I had (no joke) had thought it during one of the icebreakers in a staff meeting to answer what innovative job would you want. I should’ve pattened it! haha However, I’ve given more thought to a general cruise with the only theme being that it is book-related. During my stay at the Library Bed and Breakfast in Michigan, I noted that each room had a genre specifically associated with it: poetry, nonfiction, drama, etc. I imagine that the cruise ship would be similar but by floor instead of individual rooms. There are usually a few floors of living quarters and then dining, entertainment, and open-air floors that could be themed as well. For the dining options, I would love to have a la carte stations throughout the day that are period piece themed, like Elizabethan, Modern, Medieval – labeled with literary titled-food options appropriate for the time. However, the formal dining in the evenings would have each night’s menu be dedicated to particular novels where the servers are donned in character costumes.  In addition to those standard floors, a lot of the shopping would be bookstores (rare, general, nonfiction) and libraries (kids, teens, and adults) plus plenty of reading nooks and Silent Book Club meetups. The stops along the cruise would be places where authors found inspiration in the Caribbean and Latin America such as Ernest Hemingway! Ahh I’m so jazzed by this I want to start making a business proposal!

Utilizing the Pinterest Boards I’ve created over the years, here are links to fun ideas to incorporate creative decorations and foods into the cruise.

Let’s set sail Spring 2020 on the Literary Cruise (patten pending) haha!

What else should be included on the Literary Cruise?

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