Book Cover Jacket Redesign

As some of you may know, I am back in school for a Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Studies! I have been having a wonderful experience exploring different tools and strategies when it comes to social media, user experience, and design. The course I am in currently allows me to do an independent project on anything that is considered visual rhetoric. As the title of this post may allude, I have decided to design a book cover for a book in existence. The trouble is, I have no idea which one I would like to ‘redesign’. That’s where I need YOUR help!

First of all, this is not me thinking that the current books out there need a facelift when it comes to the book cover design. I recently saw an article posted on Facebook entitled, Meet the Designers behind Your Favorite Book Covers. From there, inspiration struck as to how I can not only create this project but consider designing such as this in the future. It is challenging, it seems, to draw up what a book is about in 3-5 panels – depending on paperback or hardcover. Mainly, it is the front cover, but there needs to be a tie-in of the theme across the entire surface of the book. The more I reflect on this project and career field, the more I am drawn in. Coincidentally, there is a course I am looking to take in the Fall named  Developing and Publishing Digital Books – completely sold! Before I can get to that point, I felt that this project could be a nice introduction to what the course may look like.

Secondly, I am having a difficult time choosing which book to create a dust jacket! My favorite books I own I have come to love by their stories as well as the feeling I get looking at the stunning cover art and design! On the other hand, books that I feel ‘meh’ about, I am not sure I could pull inspiration from to create a design. This somehow leads me to believe that this is a dilemma for paid book cover designers and somehow they are able to produce high-quality designs no matter what their feelings are towards the book.

So bookish friends, I’m leaving it up to you to decide what book I should redesign into a 5-panel cover (Front Cover, Back Cover, Spine, Front Flap, Back Flap). Let’s hear it:

Stay Tuned to See What Was Chosen AND The (re)Design! 

2 thoughts on “Book Cover Jacket Redesign

  1. Based on your second to last paragraph, I’d pick a book with good reviews, but an ugly cover. That way as your reading you can be thinking about the cover design and create something new that matches your perspective of the book and spruce it up a bit.


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