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As an introvert, I think A LOT! Sometimes (more often than not) OVERTHINK! Back in the fall, I stumbled upon an Audiobook on my way back from a wedding entitled: The Secret Lives of Introverts. I found myself nodding along and verbally saying “Yes” to a lot of what was shared about introverts. The findings are themed in major areas in life: relationships, work, family, friends, etc. For someone who has been assessed in addition to self-identified as a strong introvert, I was immediately bought in. Besides this book, the book references a website known as Introvert, Dear – a place where articles are written from a whole host of introverts around the world about anything you can think of when it comes to introversion.

Introverts get their energy back through mostly solitary activities – music, dance, art, cooking, tv, and for me, books! I cannot tell you how many times throughout the day that the books I am reading (or have read) I make relate-able to my work and social life. I catch myself making connections (verbally OR Internally), contemplating the character development and similarities to people I know/work with, and determining when I will be home on my couch or in bed reading what comes next in my current reads. I’d say it becomes an obsession in some ways, ie. when I am bored at work, adding private calendar events to simply read! haha. There are plenty of memes out there that show that Bookish Introverts turn down social events or are excited when outings are cancelled so they have more time to read – GUILTY!

There are several times when I have the day off or it’s the weekend that when I’m sitting reading a book for hours, I realize that I have literally not spoken a word out loud to anyone (not even to myself) – and it doesn’t bother me! I will admit sometimes I give verbal outbursts in reaction to something I’m reading or a recipe I’m making when I break from reading to have basic meals.

Needless to say, there are several types of Introverts out there. Since this is a bookish post, I label myself as a Book Introvert – someone who gets their energy from reading. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be alone. I also believe I am someone that can sit in what I call comfortable silence, similar to Silent Book Club. However introverted I may be (82% according to the test), human interaction is a part of our DNA. Relationships and social events are exhausting mentally but rejuvenating in other ways as I reflect on them when delving into a book that reminds me of people I know and love. It makes the characters that much more personable and real if we can attribute characteristics from our ‘real lives’ and those who inhabit it.

Interested to see how else I sit in MBTI? Here is my results in terms of Strength of each characteristic. It hasn’t changed in 6 years!! If you haven’t taken the MBTI assessment, the version I used was circling around on Facebook.

Post your results in the comments below! 

6 thoughts on “Book Introvert

  1. Love this post!

    Definitely an introvert here. And I’m going to check out that website, and likely this book as well!

    I took my first MBTI in a college career course (like an official test) and tested as an INTJ, and I’ve taken it loads of times since then. And it always came back the same until my triplets were a year old. Since then, I have tested as an INFJ. Motherhood, you say? Except, I already had an older daughter, so I’m not sure it’s that simple.

    The thing I always wonder about these tests is what it truly reflects: who you ARE or how you SEE yourself? Maybe the test results changed for me because having the triplets changed the way I saw or felt about myself. Maybe it changed my values so I answered differently. But still, I keep taking the tests because they are so intriguing.

    What other personality tests have you taken?

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  2. That is a great point! I believe life experiences and situations affect the assessments (not like these are ironclad!!). Before this consistency of ISFJ for me, I was an INFJ. Personal experiences help it make sense why I’ve changed to S. I’ve taken True Colors, Enneagram, and Strengths!

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