Playlist Pairing #5

Alas we have come to end of this series on playlists paired with specific genres of books! There have been a number of book pairing posts and content that have been shared with the bookish community – such as tea, coffee, food, wine, etc. I see a consumption theme here! Although I agree that the reading community enjoys the combination of these items with reading a good book (hello coffee shops, bars, and cafes!), I feel music adds another element to the reading experience, potentially enhancing it!

To wrap up, let’s look at one of my emerging genres, Young Adult:

A recent addition to my bookish repertoire, Young Adult can be anything but Young Adult and that’s what makes them fantastic. I feel I have a better understanding of themes and what younger generations are like in a sense. Plus, YA tends to jump right into the content and plot so my attention is grasped fairly quickly – leading me to complete them in less than a day most times. To keep up with the speedy nature of YA, I need music that will keep my mind racing through the pages.

Now what defines a young adult, quick talking experience more than Gilmore Girls?  The show’s fast-talking pace is evident in the playlist in addition to the relationships in a teenage girl’s life. This is quite reminiscent of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell with all the dreams of writing and literature and the newness of dating. Something light-hearted with a family and flirty love style, Andy Grammer never disappoints. As a new father, his songs relate back to the other side of the Young Adult life – the parental perspective!

What would be on your Young Adult Reads Playlist?

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