Podcast Spotlight: Launch

I can’t believe I had never heard of this until now. One of my friends texted me the following to introduce me to this podcast: “I found a PERFECT new podcast for you!!!!!!!!! It screams, COURTNEY. It’s called Launch! It’s about publishing books and how to get a book deal.” Obviously I was hooked immediately! Books? Writing? Done and done! I feel this comes at a perfect time in my life where I’ve contemplated what it takes to publish a book and here comes the Launch podcast from Wondery with all its insights and insider knowledge.

Additionally, if this wasn’t fate already, I saw this Instagram post from BookCon, and it nearly made me buy a plane ticket to NYC in that moment. The BookExpo has changed since I attended when it was in Chicago a couple years ago as it did away with BloggerCon. So I have had a difficult time justifying spending resources on both BookExpo and BookCon (the latter immediately follows up the expo). However, with this new addition, I might be able to swing it!

As I listened to the trailer and first episode of Launch, I was transported into the reality of publishing a book. The host, John August, is a scriptwriter who discovered his calling to write a book after reflections on his childhood in the woods and a happenstance phone conversation in a hotel room during a rainy day. We follow him as he takes part in NANOWRIMO, submits chapters to an agent, and begins working with editors. The first episode also dives into the logistics of royalties and advances based on copies sold and such. I appreciated the vulnerability and honesty of the behind the scenes of the industry. John shares about the 5 big publishing houses as well as finding the one that actually gets your book and will engage in it. The next episode tackles what some may call the Shadow of Harry Potter….. Of course that is a huge series to live up to but that may not be some authors’ goals.

I will continue with this podcast and look more into BookCon this summer 🙂 Until then, Happy Writing 🙂

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