Playlist Pairing #4: Happy Valentine’s Day

Welcome back! We are continuing the series on playlists paired with specific genres of books! There have been a number of book pairing posts and content that have been shared with the bookish community – such as tea, coffee, food, wine, etc. I see a consumption theme here! Although I agree that the reading community enjoys the combination of these items with reading a good book (hello coffee shops, bars, and cafes!), I feel music adds another element to the reading experience, potentially enhancing it! I’m starting a series to delve into what those pairings look like.

From here we can get into a discussion of headphones versus a sound system, instrumental versus singing, general white noise versus music, etc. etc.

Of course, today is appropriate to talk about love stories and romance!

Although romance is not my go-to genre, I feel whenever I have a long drive or want a quick read, this is usually what I come back to. Colleen Hoover is the majority of my romance novels I read – she’s extremely talented and adds in personal touches as well as relevant issues in the U.S. After Me Before You, Jojo Moyes has held my heart with how painful love can be in addition to what sacrifices we make for those we love. So in essence, these are more deep romance than fun, flirty, but I am ok with that! Love is not always easy and this genre paints that picture of reality. So what pairs well with romance novels?

Smooth jazz has been a part of my life since childhood. My dad is a huge fan and we constantly listened to that radio station back in Philly. It reminds me of slow dancing and a classy club or at a wedding. For the stereotypical romance, I can’t go wrong with Ed Sheeran. Yes, I was distraught when I heard he was engaged over the winter holidays and then I wondered, will he play his own love songs at his wedding? Just thinking out loud…. (pun by my friend, Shayna).

What would be on your Love Story/Romance Reads Playlist?

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