The Winter Games of Books

I’ll  be honest, I am more of a Summer Games fan than Winter! Maybe it’s because there’s so. much. snow (in the games and where I live) that I am not inclined to glue my eyes to the tv this season. HOWEVER, there are several obscure and unique sports within the Olympics that I couldn’t help make a bookish comparison. What we have here is a winter sport in what it would be in book form and then several country’s versions of the cover. Who’s the winner? I have my own ideas but you decide! Here we go. I present to you….. THE WINTER GAMES OF BOOKS!


A lot of people don’t understand curling as a sport. What exactly is going on? What’s the goal? What are all the roles in the end? It can be quite confusing and eccentric, but also unique and carefully planned to execute, similar to All the Ugly and Wonderful Things – U.S. and Slovakia.

Figure Skating

An elegance, nimbleness, and emotion is associated with this sport. Whether in pairs, a group, or solo, it comes down to choreography and precision to ensure an entertaining performance. With those characteristics, I feel that it is a classic in and of itself, leading me to match the versions of Pride and Prejudice – Lithuania, Italy, and Finland.


What once was described to me as the easiest to learn but hardest to master when it comes to snow sports, snowboarding requires balance, speed, and flexibility. A sport that is fast-paced and risky demands a book to match, ergo The Da Vinci Code – Bulgaria, Spain, and Greece

Speed Skating

A certain predictability and consistency is involved with skaters racing around in circles on the ice. No matter how many times they go around, something can always happen slightly differently than what you expect even though there is only one path. That kind of repetition can be found in the Harry Potter Series. Let’s take a look at the different versions – Sweden, France, and the Netherlands.

What are some other sport and book comparisons? What country would win?!!

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