Playlist Pairing #3

Welcome back! We are continuing the series on playlists paired with specific genres of books! There have been a number of book pairing posts and content that have been shared with the bookish community – such as tea, coffee, food, wine, etc. I see a consumption theme here! Although I agree that the reading community enjoys the combination of these items with reading a good book (hello coffee shops, bars, and cafes!), I feel music adds another element to the reading experience, potentially enhancing it! I’m starting a series to delve into what those pairings look like.

From here we can get into a discussion of headphones versus a sound system, instrumental versus singing, general white noise versus music, etc. etc.

On to the epics and battles!

These books have everything!!! Although amidst fighting and deception, we find they all encompass the power of human relationships and what we are capable of in times of love and desperation. Whether they are other worldly or set ages ago, the characters are still relate-able and reminiscent of people currently in our lives. That’s why I feel these books do so well and will continue to do so years later.

It may seem quite obvious/redundant to include the Game of Thrones score in the reading of the Game of Thrones series but I couldn’t help it! Both of these playlists make me feel like I am a part of something bigger, like what I do makes a difference to a large group of people! They make me believe I am on the front lines, like Jon Snow facing the whitewalkers!

What would be on your Epics/Battle Reads Playlist?

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