Playlist Pairing #2

Welcome back! We are continuing the series on playlists paired with specific genres of books! There have been a number of book pairing posts and content that have been shared with the bookish community – such as tea, coffee, food, wine, etc. I see a consumption theme here! Although I agree that the reading community enjoys the combination of these items with reading a good book (hello coffee shops, bars, and cafes!), I feel music adds another element to the reading experience, potentially enhancing it! I’m starting a series to delve into what those pairings look like.

From here we can get into a discussion of headphones versus a sound system, instrumental versus singing, general white noise versus music, etc. etc.

Next, let’s explore the adventure reads!

Either fiction or real-life, adventure takes you anywhere you want to go and gives us the imagination we need to believe we can do anything! The two pictured above have taught me to do the impossible and believe in myself more than I have in the past. Although some adventures aren’t up our alley or we can never imagine doing, these types of books give hope to trying something new that you’ve always thought about – for me, writing a book, travelling by myself, learning a new language, and running 750 miles in a year. Now what goes well with these, you ask?

Something about movie scores transports me into a new world, most often fictional and/or dystopian. I get lost in that world and can stay there for hours, especially when it matches a fast-paced, adrenaline rush of a novel. Keeping that consistency of music balances concentration on what you’re reading with relocation of thoughts and presence. It reminds me of an epic trailer, the music makes all the difference when you see Tarzan swinging through vines or Harry Potter facing Voldemort countless times. We’re going to pull for the protagonist most of the time!

What would be on your Adventure Reads Playlist?

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