Playlist Pairing #1

There have been a number of book pairing posts and content that have been shared with the bookish community – such as tea, coffee, food, wine, etc. I see a consumption theme here! Although I agree that the reading community enjoys the combination of these items with reading a good book (hello coffee shops, bars, and cafes!), I feel music adds another element to the reading experience, potentially enhancing it! I’m starting a series to delve into what those pairings look like.

From here we can get into a discussion of headphones versus a sound system, instrumental versus singing, general white noise versus music, etc. etc.

Below, let’s explore a scenario of reading and what music/sounds pair well. First up, those heavy, comprehensive reads….

These are the types of books that you feel great after you read them, like you’ve conquered Mt. Everest or ran a triathlon! However, during them, you may find yourself struggling to figure out what in the world is going on and rereading parts to make sure it was the character you thought was speaking. To me, I need something mellow and constant – like a white noise. Vocals would be distracting and intense instrumentals that speed up my heart rate would make me anxious and stressed. To offset that, here are my suggestions for a playlist pairing: has fundamentally changed how I concentrate – my go-to is usually the Paris Cafe (I have no clue what they are saying!). That bit of white noise in a coffee shop/cafe setting where one conversation does not stand out because they all blend together, allows me to concentrate and focus. Afternoon Acoustic on Spotify is soft and mellow, epitomizing a relaxing space. Regardless if I’m reading the aforementioned books, working, or filling out my taxes, having these sounds and instrumentals makes me calmer in what may seem to be a daunting task or headscratching predicament where a lot of brain cells are needed!

What would be on your Dense Reads Playlist?

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