Strategic Planning Hiatus

Greetings all!

After much reflection, I am choosing to take a brief hiatus the next week or so from blogging. These last few months, I have been thinking critically and learning about constructing a purpose, goals, and strategic plan. The Incessant Bookworm has been up for almost 3 years, and I have not done a retreat of sorts to determine where I want to take the blog and what kind of content I want to produce.

Additionally, with the holidays around the corner and a full house of family members, I’ll want to spend time with them and not stress over upcoming posts and reviews/reading challenges. This past weekend I delved deeper into the blog’s mission and objectives – I’m hoping to continue to flush those out and create a strong plan for 2018 that will keep me engaged with the content I am sharing as well as contribute to the bookish community I adore so much.

Furthermore, my reading goals will look a bit different in 2018 as I definitely pushed myself this year (in which I am grateful to have read wonderful books and went above my reading goal) and want to immerse myself in each book as opposed to reading for quantity! I also want to tackle my TBR pile where I felt I was lacking this year with doing a number of challenges that included books I didn’t own – hello library hauls!

Have a wonderful holiday and I’ll talk with you all soon 🙂

~Courtney (The Incessant Bookworm)

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