Gilmore Girls Book Club: The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

If there was any other way to combine reading and the love of Gilmore Girls, this group of women clearly know how to do it right. Introducing the Gilmore Girls Book Club! A colleague of mine found a list for 13 Books Coming Out for Gilmore Girls Fans in 2017 and gauged interest from us and the rest is history. To clarify, none of these books are directly related to the Gilmore Girls nor are they on the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. They are books reminiscent of small town living and the quirky and lovable characters we’ve grown up with.

Would you be a spy if you were approached? That was the question of the day as our book club discussed the circumstances of what would lead us to spy – in this case potentially be in the FBI or CIA for present day. We all agreed that Evelyn’s story was the most intriguing as her history was blended into her present and future – which melded with Charlie’s. However, Charlie had the most growth as a character, coming from a place of no feeling and numbness due to the loss of the 2 people she loved the most and transitioning into a caring, selfless, and determined woman.

The danger of Evelyn’s position within the Alice Network (beyond the possibility of being caught and killed!) is being too immersed in the persona one takes on. I feared that Stockholm syndrome would come to fruition the more and more Evelyn (code name Marguerite) and Rene talked and became intimate. We also wondered if one of the women in the network sold them out! Being a woman at that time was a challenge as well as a way to be under the radar – which is how the network was so successful. The Germans were looking for the leader of the network being a man! Additionally, women were looked at as innocent and delicate – hence the outrage at executing one of its members, which saved the other women when they were caught since countries would be outraged by any more female executions. “No one lets girls do anything at all. Not spend our own money, sell our own things, or plan our own lives” (Quinn 51) – which sadly leads to Charlie buying a used wedding ring and creating an elaborate story of her late husband lost in the war. We as females in the book club were definitely rolling our eyes at this point in history!

Other quotes that stood out:

Lili. So Eve had Lili, and I had Rose. ‘All these flowers. There are two kinds of flowers when it comes to women,’ Eve said. ‘The kind that sit safe in a beautiful vase, or the kind that survive in any conditions…even in evil. Lili was the latter. Which are you?'” (Quinn 336).

“I wasn’t sure exactly what had pulled the three of us together, or why it had turned out we were all chasing some variant of the same thing: legacies left by lost women in past wars. I didn’t have a destination anymore, or a goal at the end of this road, but we were headed somewhere and I wasn’t ready to abandon the journey” (Quinn 355-356)

Sadly, this will be the last Gilmore Girls Book Club post since we are merging into the Young Professional Book Club. Fortunately, that means more members and bonding over good reads 🙂 

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