Coffeeshop Crawl Part 1

I am on a mission! After moving to the city, I’ve been challenging myself to get more involved in the community and the different neighborhoods. The way I’ve decided to do so is check out the local cafes and coffeeshops in hopes of finding my go-to spot where I’m a regular! The criteria I used as filters were Good for Working (I’ll be blogging and reading), Free WiFi (same reason), and $-$$ for pricing! Additionally, in this first bout of the crawl, I was ordering lunch so some of my reviews below aren’t consistent. Plus, I ordered a mix of tea, hot chocolate and coffee haha! Check out the list below to see how I fared – I feel that I am developing another filter that is based on my own preferences in terms of environment! –


Coffee Garden

A quieter space that doubles as a floral shop! So whilst enjoying the scents of coffee beans, one can continue the streak of fragrance with varying stems to be purchased. The amazing soy hot cocoa warmed my soul on a cold day this past weekend. Limited in seating, the tables give a cafe meets library study carrel appeal. More natural lighting and food options would keep me coming back – as well as to pickup flowers for my guests 🙂

Deeper Roots Coffee

I have found that this pattern has had me ranking aesthetically pleasing shops lower due to lack of food options – particularly with dietary restrictions. The inside of Deeper Roots was bright and airy with high-top tables in front and more standard seating towards the back. Unfortunately, I was unable to purchase a beverage because I was also looking for a light meal to go with it! I will go back at some point to pick-up a drink, maybe before checking out the nearby shopping centers OR the brewery down the road!

The Coffee Exchange

A wonderful part of a small neighborhood in the city that I could feel the essence of community. Every person walking through the door felt like a reunion with other patrons or employees, adding to the cozy nature of the quaint building. The downside was how dark it was as I did my best to sit next to the one large window by the front door, facing the street where I looked upon the passer-byes. The dark paint could’ve contributed to that along with it being somewhat overcast! The tea I purchased came in a lovely teapot and small cup to wrap my hands around to stay warm! Definitely a neighborhood treasure!


Brick Coffee Company

To be fair, this was the first stop so anything after was compared to my experience here! Located at the end of a neighborhood, this shop had a square layout where tables could be pushed together to account for a larger party OR remain as a solo adventure. I was working on my mid-term study guide and quickly locked into study mode as the calming atmosphere took my stress of test season away.

Sidewinder Coffee

My first time in Northside neighborhood did not disappoint. Quite an eclectic assortment of stores with a contemporary apartment building nearby, I can see Sidewinder being a collective where each day brings new groups of people together. A decent assortment of salads and sandwiches, one could spend a good amount of time here reading, meeting up with friends, or casual dining!


Rohs Street Cafe

College student central! Not surprising as this shop abuts the University of Cincinnati. What makes it even more unique is that it is connected to a church! The tons of space in the coffeeshop allows you to peak into the church service area (not both open at once!). Lattes and cappuccinos make up the menu with an assortment of offerings. I appreciated the hubbub of students and professors studying or playing board games. I was not there long enough to enjoy the live performances on the small stage, but that would add to its charm.

Coffee Emporium

Most eclectic part of town in Over-The-Rhine – what one may call hipster :). Whenever I’m downtown, I usually find myself here at one point or another. Overstuffed furniture, daily specials and tons of space for individuals, pairs, or large group meetings. As it is in the city, lots of advertisements adorn the wall to increase the immersion in the Queen City. Also because it is in the city, street/garage parking are your options unless you don’t mind being a pedestrian or cyclist!

Coffee Please

Loads of space, warm, friendly, and a wide array of selections – both coffee and tea. My visit here was during my day off, and I felt incredibly focused while I was here – with a mix of patrons and a serving tray with my tea pot and tea cup, the little nook I found myself in was comfortable with lovely ambiance and character abound. Although not a fan of the name of the store, one will come back stating this phrase countless times!

Where else should I try on my coffeeshop crawl?!

3 thoughts on “Coffeeshop Crawl Part 1

  1. I know that you said you used to live in Oxford, but there’s this place called Kofenya that’s pretty good if you haven’t checked that out I would.

    There’s also an awesome coffee shop in the art museum downtown that I love.

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  2. A couple more worth checking out:

    Redtree Art Gallery & Coffee in Oakley. Cool vibe, fast internet, and an array of food options.

    Carabellos’ in Newport. A great local roaster and suburb coffee.

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