Gilmore Girls Rewatch!

This should not come as a surprise that I absolutely love Gilmore Girls. If you need reassurance, refer to the following:

With that said, I saw this image on gilmoregirlsonly‘s instagram and thought, what a great idea…. slightly adjusted though!

As a loyal #teamjess, my plan is to watch every episode THROUGH season 5. Some may criticize me for potentially not being a true fan because I’m actively choosing to stop mid-series, but I’m ok with that! I learned plenty of lessons about life, love, family, friends and much more within the first 5 seasons. To be fair, I have seen every single episode at least once so I am aware of what I am missing!

One of my favorite accounts of what Gilmore Girls can do for someone is from my dear friend, Kylie over at THROUGH THE LENS OF KRS. Her post, I Was Raised by Gilmore Girls, showcases the power of the characters created and realistic situations that we find relate-able. I am blown away by what a simple idea can turn into – this also makes me think about the Harry Potter series and what that has become, all starting with a woman’s imagination in a coffee shop. If Gilmore Girls can provide solace for someone or something more, than of course I am going to take the time to immerse myself in Stars Hollow and the charming characters that inhabit it.

Until next time, Copper Boom!

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