Books & Social Media!

Full disclaimer: This idea came from an assignment for my Social Media Marketing Class in which I needed to create a Facebook Page and have people ‘Like’ It! So….. before reading any further, feel free to click on over to the Incessant Bookworm Facebook Page :).

Now that that’s out of the way, I have been reflecting recently on my blogging progress since I started 2.5 years ago! I’ve learned quite a bit and have engaged with several bookish people across disciplines, medium, and global regions. In the course I am taking this semester (working towards a Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Studies), I’ve thought about the marketing aspect of what we do as bloggers and the book community. I appreciate the perspective that is more about community engagement moreso than attracting visitors just to get the numbers. That is a hard pill to swallow because we are ingrained to want more and have the most friends/follows/reposts/etc. so that our lives and products are visible to a large audience for sometimes selfish reasons. I know I am guilty in both my personal and bookish social media of posting for the numbers and impressions – feeling that those give me validation as a human and worth something more.

Later next month, I’m planning a blog retreat to reevaluate what engagement looks like for my blog (ironic since the beginning of this post was a class assignment to get likes….). I want to be able to manage meaningful conversations in the communities I host on my platforms. Some techniques and tools I’m learning in class will definitely assist in this audit of sorts. As I have been rethinking my future career goals, revamping a social media plan to incorporate meaningful engagement and conversations will be significant. Some of the content I produce I wish more folks could sink their teeth into it and that could be for a couple of reasons, 1. the content is just not good! and/or, 2. the platform/medium I choose is not utilized effectively. However, this is also a call for me to do the same with other members of the bookish community. Twitter has been my lowest engagement – as I tend to link my blog posts to post to Twitter and then that’s it…. I’ll see what my class says when we get to the Twitter content!

What are your thoughts on the Online Bookish Community

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