Gilmore Girls Book Club: One Day We’ll All Be Dead And None Of This Will Matter by Scaachi Koul 

If there was any other way to combine reading and the love of Gilmore Girls, this group of women clearly know how to do it right. Introducing the Gilmore Girls Book Club! A colleague of mine found a list for 13 Books Coming Out for Gilmore Girls Fans in 2017 and gauged interest from us and the rest is history. To clarify, none of these books are directly related to the Gilmore Girls nor are they on the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. They are books reminiscent of small town living and the quirky and lovable characters we’ve grown up with.

We took a unique twist on the meeting this month and painted mugs at a local paint-your-own-pottery place! Unsurprisinlgy, we took either a bookish or Gilmore-isms route with the designs 😉

Overall, this read was comic relief with the reality of culture and its place in modern-day Americas. The customs and traditions associated with Indian culture are highlighted and made light of in this memoir. Koul sketches the rationales behind her parents’ thought-processes and rules within the home – even when she is a grown woman!! She brings up common teenage struggles – as it comes to clothing, weight, and relationships – all ringing true to us in one way or another. As a product of interracial marriage, I champion Koul’s bravery of introducing her older white boyfriend to her traditional parent household. I appreciated the stereotypical assumption that was made when one of her friends said Indian moms make curry and Koul retorted, “Isn’t that like me asking if your mom boils water?” (Koul 58).

The quotes listed below encompass my reflections:

“All of them had had failed me because clothes just can’t improve you. They can’t make you feel better about yourself for more than a few minutes, they can’t make you a better person than you are, because they’re all just things you bought at the mall” (Koul 50)

“But you insecurities, the ones that make you go hunting for something to make you feel better, to love yourself more, to give you a renewed sense of self or greater esprit – don’t you even worry. These will last you a lifetime” (Koul 51)

“Fitting in is a luxury rarely given to immigrants, or the children of immigrants. We are stuck in emotional purgatory. Home, somehow, is always the last place you left, and never the place you’re in” (Koul 90)

“I wanted him to defend himself and get angry and a little mean because fighting is the only way I’ve learned how to be in love” (Koul 230)

Until our next Gilmore Girls Book Club, Copper Boom 🙂

3 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls Book Club: One Day We’ll All Be Dead And None Of This Will Matter by Scaachi Koul 

  1. Great! This sounds really interesting 😀 I love Gilmore Girls, and these books sound like good ones to read 🙂 A lot of the books on the Rory reading list don’t make you feel Gilmore Girls-ish at all. So it sounds good that there are books you would like if you liked Gilmore Girls 🙂 I am currently reading a book called Gilmore Girls: I Love You, You Idiot, by Cathy East Dubowski, and it’s great 🙂 It combines my favourite things: reading and Gilmore Girls 😀

    I hope you’re enjoying The Secret History, I read that recently too.


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