Monday Muse: Why Read?


This question was posed to me lately as I was reading memoirs about readers and their beloved reading habits. I don’t recall being asked this question personally – at any age/school year, at a library/bookstore, at bookish events, or any interactions due to my friendships or blogging. Honestly, I’m not sure if I have a well-thought out response even after all these years of reading. It is kind of like developing a personal philosophy as it is not set in stone but ever evolving and influenced by experiences present and those to come. At this present moment, I read to escape, to calm myself from daily struggles I face both socially and professionally. I read to forget the madness around me and truly immerse myself in something I can attach one (at the very least) emotion – laugh, cry, fear, anger, love, longing, learning, etc. Sometimes I read because I like being different as the assumptions of what the people around me are like involve filling time with social media platforms and buzzfeed articles whilst I do my best to challenge the status quo of reading a physical book as I wait in line, walk through a park, eat my lunch, or wait for an appointment. My craving for knowledge is an obvious rationale since I obtain new resources and nuggets of information from every book I read (whether I like it or not) and then share out to whomever is in my line of fire! SO it seems that I have many reasons to read. To heal, to feel, to learn. At least for now, that’s why.

What is your Why for reading?

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