Bookish Denver!

Finally, I was able to visit the place I hope to call home one day (oddly enough, I’d never been there before, yet still wanted to move there!). Additionally, it was also on my 30 Before 30 list! Fair warning, I walked EVERYWHERE and kept track of my step count. That is one of my goals wherever I end up, to be active and walking is the main commute. Here are a few tidbits from my adventure visiting my friend Michael for 4 days!


Off on my own this day (since, you know, work is a thing), and began by visiting the neighborhood Little Free Libraries – obviously. One of my favorite things to do when I travel is load up the books I owned that I recently finished and find places to drop them off. My suitcase was pretty empty on the flight back! Walking around towards the light rail, the weather was unseasonably cold which threw me off. Smart me didn’t pack a long sleeve tee OR jeans #fail. Once in the city, I was able to explore the Civic Center, the Denver Public Library (of course!), and Union Station terminal. My shopping expedition led me to the 16th Street Mall – blocks and blocks and blocks of stores and eateries!! The goal of course was the Tattered Cover Bookstore – a local indie bookstore that was perfection in every way with a coffee shop, quirky recommendation sections, and an into the woods section for those adventurers out there (which is pretty much every Colorado resident). Regardless of donating books to the remaining Little Free Libraries, I ended up buying 3 more – in both locations in the city, because why not!!

The day ended with cooking a delicious Italian meal and reading on the couch with glasses of wine.

Total step count = 23,690


With the temperature more at the norm for Colorado, I started the day with a run to Cheesman Park through some stunning neighborhood homes. If that wasn’t enough, once I cleaned up, I walked back to the park after grabbing VooDoo doughnuts and an iced coffee. It was the perfect day to read by the fountains (literally reading Utopia which means paradise) with a refreshing and sugary breakfast šŸ™‚ After a pizza dinner, we walked around the stunning University of Denver. Working at an institution, I’m a sucker for a good campus tour. Again, ending the night with reading and a solid wine selection šŸ™‚

Total step count = 35,424


Epic hike in Boulder at Flat Iron Mountain!!! This is what I pictured Colorado to be – mountains around the town, a quaint downtown area, and charm & character. This hike kicked my butt for sure. I knew I was going to make it and was appreciative of the positive affirmations as I went slow and steady. I’m not racing anyone, I only wanted to make it to the top! Each break in the trees along the way allowed for stunning, picturesque views on what was considered a ‘cloudy’ day *eyeroll. Boulder reinforced my wanting to move out to the Rockies šŸ™‚

Total step count = 17,358

Ultimately, this trip came at the perfect time for me as I continue to reflect on life and what (& who) adds value to it. Colorado, you have won me over. ā¤

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