Gilmore Girls Book Club: At the Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen

If there was any other way to combine reading and the love of Gilmore Girls, this group of women clearly know how to do it right. Introducing the Gilmore Girls Book Club! A colleague of mine found a list for 13 Books Coming Out for Gilmore Girls Fans in 2017 and gauged interest from us and the rest is history. To clarify, none of these books are directly related to the Gilmore Girls nor are they on the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. They are books reminiscent of small town living and the quirky and lovable characters we’ve grown up with.

At our discussion, we felt that it was definitely a stretch to apply Gilmore Girls, but that did not take away from the well written plot and characters. One could argue that Maddie is a Rory/Lorelai character, Ellis and Hank are the Logans, and Angus is the Jess and/or Luke. Beyond that, we see elements of class issues as they transition from high society America to war-time Scotland. The ensemble of characters in the inn they occupy are key players in Maddie’s independence and courage, as we see several forms of domestic abuse – both physical and verbal. The plot was off to a slow start and revealed plot points at inopportune times like the identity of Angus. It picked up when Maddie started making use of herself and getting her hands dirty in which she was not accustomed to but wanted to contribute to her stay and prove her worth. We were all skeptical of employing the lochness monster as a backdrop however it adds to the many superstitions that are a part of Scottish customs and beliefs – like the crows and the woman in black. The fast progression of Angus and Maddie’s relationship added suspicions of Hank and Ellis’ relationship as they could be assumed to be gay or bisexual – as the flipping a coin to see who would marry Maddie could be construed as them wanting to hide their love while they lied to get out of the draft (flat footed and colorblind). Overall, an enjoyable read that could be consumed in one afternoon as some of us admitted to!

Until our next Gilmore Girls Book Club, Copper Boom 🙂

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